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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Road Warrior Speaks

Just letting you all know that I'm not dead. Well, not yet and definately not by a long stretch.

The thing is, that I've had some trouble finding new stuff to work on in regards to Wasteland Chronicles, and the whole of the post apocalypse genre in all. Basically, I like to game a whole lot more than just the Wasted west. 

So, for those who are still interested in all of these scribblings and what not, I've chosen to move over to a new webpage that I'm currently designing (well, It's as ready as can be right about now). And will therefore cease to use this here blog for quite some time.

I might reopen it at some point, but for now, I need to clearly state that any updates on my part will appear only on my new and shiny webpage.

The adress? Well, it's right here:

Hope to see you there and hope to see some bookmarks. Cheers! It has definately been a good run :)

... The Road Warrior he lives now, only in my memories...

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Road Warrior: Fast Forward Friday

Today's post will consist of two Youtube clips that I found on the internet which I found to be more than delightful:

Fan Trailer for Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior
Beautifully recut trailer in my not so humble opinion. I really like how it sets the mood of the movie; a whole lot more than the old trailer ever did (which you can, incidently also find on youtube).

And then... there's this:
Mad Max Music Video, feat. Motörhead - Ace of Spades
And really, if that music video won't sell anyone over to all of the fun that is Post apocalyptic fiction, wargaming and movies, then I don't know what will.

And with that, I'm going to be off for the gameathon! Look forward to a whole host of pictures come monday!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Whiteline Nightmares: The Chitterbug

The chitterbug is one of the largest predators to be found out in the wasteland. Standing nearly 3 meters tall when poised for an attack, this deadly crawler can lash out its four talon limbs with deadly accuracy and speed, severing limb by limb from the hapless victim in mere seconds. Leading scholars and scientists have reason to believe that the chitterbug is not ‘native’ of earth, as biological mark-up would indicate that it is indeed an insect of sorts, yet they do not lay eggs but instead give birth in a very grim fashion – where the newly developed, and apparently even more dangerous young – fights its way out of its parent, gorging and maiming its way out as a fully adult chitterbug. What triggers this “birth” is hard to say, as there has yet been any case of chitterbugs giving birth in captivity. Nor has any deaths of a captured chitterbug been noted...

About the Figure:
The miniature used to represent the dread chitterbug comes from Hydra Miniatures Primal Dawn line of figures, more specifically it's a Kithix Hunter

It was painted rather fast as I'm still behind scheduele for the big-game-athon for this weekend. So, this update will be very, very short. In fact, it's over!

Cheers, and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland: Shorty and Bully

Shorty and Bully are just two of the many children living in the Dust Falls community, under the guidance of 'Big' Sven. As is common in this age of post-Megadeath, everyone able to bear arms will do so when a settlement is under attack; even the children. As for Shorty and Bully, this has had the sideeffect of making them the notrious ringleaders of a small gang of children within Dust Falls, called Da Bwig Bwad Bwonkers! Their main crimes against humanity seems to be focused on petty theft of sweets, smoking as underaged and upsetting their parents by having brawls against the Upside Uppities, the other gang of Dust Falls and in leaving the settlement without word in order to go explore the countryside.

About the figures:
These two gems are from Hasslefree Miniatures once again, as part of their Adventurer range; and quite frankly, I love them! Although, not shown, these cretins are no taller than roughly 15-18mm and they're on a 20mm base, not the usual 25mm base!

They will be a perfect addition to any wasteland settlement, because unlike the un-patched UK version of Fallout 2 (which incidently was the first I played) there will be children roaming the wasteland. After all, there's not much point in profilactrics once humanity is at the brink of extinction, is there?

Now to scour the various websites to pick up more children for a big showoff between Bwig Bwad Bwonkers and Upside Uppities in Dust Falls (without any grown-ups interfering).

And now, back to the paint-station! See you all tomorrow for more blogs from the Wasteland!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Road Warrior: More Wheels for the Wasteland!

One of the major car companies of the pre-Megadeath Northern States was the Pacific Motors Company; who had specialized in "cars for the average joe" as their slogan went. Among their more high profile cars were the model included above; The Cougar. It was a very spacious car, able to carry two adults and three children; had all the modern additions like A/C units, 8-track player, reclinable seats and electric windows.

Of course, post-Megadeath, what is left of these once proud cars are often nothing more but shambling husks. However, the Pacific Motor Company prided itself in building cars that would last for a lifetime, and those who have been properly maintained in the hundred years post-Megadeath are still very much road-worthy and the prized possession of any Scavenger worth his salt.

About the figure:
This particular model start its life as a no-brand 1:43 car that looked like this when I had finished tinkering with it:

It was painted a very deep red in order to make it as nondescript as possible, and still retain the look of a vehicle that has been driving the wasteland for too long. My initial plans were to include a gun of some sort, but I quickly came to the conclusion that I had too many cars bristling with guns that had that look - but almost no cars who were more civilian with that look. And here's the first of - hopefully - many Wasteland cars.

Oh, and I'm sorry about the rather poor picture quality and the late post; but I had a lot of stuff to attend to (including painting the vehicle) so the pictures had to suffer a litter in order to get todays post up.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for tomorrows update!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland: BOB-400

"The Zentomax Corporation proudly present this years latest model of work-relieveing robots; the BOB-400! The BOB-400 series of work drones are perfect for finer detail jobs involving such areas as detail attention, craftmanship, inginuity and he's even good with kids! Enclosed are a pair of BOB-400, kitted out for work. Painted in "ATTENTION" orange, we have the BOB-400t model; with standard plasma torch arm, and an automatic schematic upload drive enabling him to construct to your absolute specifications using our Zentomax Tactical Computer Bank(TM) series of modular uploads. To the left we have a BOB-400n, painted in crisp "AIDGIVER" white and sporting the brand new Zentomax Multipurpose Utalitarian Medicalpackage, complete with syringes, up to five different pharmaceuticals and even a laser scalpel and automatic bandaid dispenser! It is the Zentomax Vision(TM) to have every single household in both Northern and Southern states to be equipped with their own personal BOB-400, and soon we will introduce a range that we call I-BOB, with complete customization options for your Robots needs! Call your local retailer today and find out about the I-BOB. When it's gotta be robotic, it's gotta be ZENTOMAX (TM)"
- Zentomax Corporation advertisment blurb, pre-megadeath

About the figures:
The figures themselves represent a couple of menial / civilian robots for Wasteland Chronicles. They are produced by Corvus Belli and are part of their Infinity line of figures. Although not shown in this picture, they come up to around the hip of a normal 28mm figure, making them perfect for a more menial working robot.
They were painted in a rough and ready fashion, with a thinned wash, some drybrushing this time and in stark colours to indicate their civilian use. 

And for something new; here are their stats in regards to Wasteland Chronicles:

BOB-400n (Nurse)
Equipment: Medical Aid Dispenser, Mellow Out Dispenser

BOB-400t (Torch)
Equipment: Armour Plating (+1), Plasma Torch

In other news:
Work is pacing along with Wasteland Chronicles. I've rounded up a couple of playtesters through a forum post on The Miniatures Page and also over on the Post Apocalypse Wargames (which I fully recommend for discussing anything post apocalyptic) and I'm currently getting it all spruced up. I should still be able to reach my goal of releasing it early spring (March 1, to be exact) but it all depends on bits and pieces falling together (and real-life not intruding). 

So, if you're interested in playtesting the game, then give me a shout! Either by email ( or through the comments on this here blog. 

Right, that's it for today's update. See you all tomorrow for more post-apocalyptic mayhem! 

Friday, January 30, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland: Guild of Silicium Huntsmen

The Huntsmen are among the most wellarmed forces within the Guild of Siliciums sacred halls, and one of the most dreaded sights across the wasteland - that is, if you are a mutant, deemed hazardous to the continued plans of the Guild of Silicium. The difference between the Huntsmen and the Relocators is more than just the weapons and armour that they are equipped with, it's also a difference of theology. For where the Guild of Silicium itself concerns only itself with the preservation of technology and its study, the Relocators are those who think that the end of preserving the technology is to build a new and better world. The Huntsmen, however, see this gathering of technology as the means to create a world for only those who follow the creed of Silicium. In turn, this means that the Huntsmen care little for those who are not of the Guild and will gladly kill a whole settlement to claim a Sweetums Dispenser. They are more lenient on "potential" members - those who are born with no mutations - and will mainly threaten the populace into submission. Any mutants however...
About the figures:
So, yes, here we see one of the two factions within the Guild of Silicium. Of course, the members of the Huntsmen do not exactly boast of their exploits out in the wasteland and are - by and large - still respected within the Guild. But in reality, there's little to differentiate them from the savages they claim to oppose. For the campaign, their part is to either exterminate mutants; raid settlements and all in all just be generic bad guys. 

The figures are Bauhaus Jungle Kommandos, currently in production at Prince August. I painted them in a uniform colour, with armour and clothes in colours that you would be likely to encounter in the wasteland. 

As for their weapons in the game, they're simply either SMG's or LMG's with an additional rate of fire modifier. The original Jungle Kommandos had Gatling Shotguns which, while cool, was not exactly what I had in mind for these figures. Still.. gatling shotguns - there's just something about the concept, eh?

Right then, that concludes this week on Wasted Roads. See ya all on monday for more updates from the Wasteland! Highlights include; the Relocators, more Savages, movie and music review and hopefully the start of a big - and highly classified - conversion attempt. Stay tuned, and keep those comments going! :)

Oh, and have a good weekend!