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Friday, January 30, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland: Guild of Silicium Huntsmen

The Huntsmen are among the most wellarmed forces within the Guild of Siliciums sacred halls, and one of the most dreaded sights across the wasteland - that is, if you are a mutant, deemed hazardous to the continued plans of the Guild of Silicium. The difference between the Huntsmen and the Relocators is more than just the weapons and armour that they are equipped with, it's also a difference of theology. For where the Guild of Silicium itself concerns only itself with the preservation of technology and its study, the Relocators are those who think that the end of preserving the technology is to build a new and better world. The Huntsmen, however, see this gathering of technology as the means to create a world for only those who follow the creed of Silicium. In turn, this means that the Huntsmen care little for those who are not of the Guild and will gladly kill a whole settlement to claim a Sweetums Dispenser. They are more lenient on "potential" members - those who are born with no mutations - and will mainly threaten the populace into submission. Any mutants however...
About the figures:
So, yes, here we see one of the two factions within the Guild of Silicium. Of course, the members of the Huntsmen do not exactly boast of their exploits out in the wasteland and are - by and large - still respected within the Guild. But in reality, there's little to differentiate them from the savages they claim to oppose. For the campaign, their part is to either exterminate mutants; raid settlements and all in all just be generic bad guys. 

The figures are Bauhaus Jungle Kommandos, currently in production at Prince August. I painted them in a uniform colour, with armour and clothes in colours that you would be likely to encounter in the wasteland. 

As for their weapons in the game, they're simply either SMG's or LMG's with an additional rate of fire modifier. The original Jungle Kommandos had Gatling Shotguns which, while cool, was not exactly what I had in mind for these figures. Still.. gatling shotguns - there's just something about the concept, eh?

Right then, that concludes this week on Wasted Roads. See ya all on monday for more updates from the Wasteland! Highlights include; the Relocators, more Savages, movie and music review and hopefully the start of a big - and highly classified - conversion attempt. Stay tuned, and keep those comments going! :)

Oh, and have a good weekend!

1 comment:

Loo said...

Hey man those aren't new! I've been tricked! :D

I've noticed that in all the images you have posted so far, the edges of the bases haven't been painted yet? I think it would add some "finishing" to the minis if you did. And maybe a tiny whiny bit of "dead static grass" (you drybrush bone anyway, so added a VERY tiny bit grass to some before that step, may look good).

A good base can turn a figure from zero to hero!

And dare I say, that the guild seems extremely wellarmed!

I have some figures armed with gatling shotguns too... but I'm keeping them so - IMO a gatling gun (as on an A-10) would be so costly to use in PA that most would ditch and use the rounds for something else.
Unless you were fighting "the natural enemy of the gatling" - tanks and other armoured stuff I think...

But perhaps the guild of silicium has ways to manufacture new bullets?!?!