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Monday, February 02, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland: BOB-400

"The Zentomax Corporation proudly present this years latest model of work-relieveing robots; the BOB-400! The BOB-400 series of work drones are perfect for finer detail jobs involving such areas as detail attention, craftmanship, inginuity and he's even good with kids! Enclosed are a pair of BOB-400, kitted out for work. Painted in "ATTENTION" orange, we have the BOB-400t model; with standard plasma torch arm, and an automatic schematic upload drive enabling him to construct to your absolute specifications using our Zentomax Tactical Computer Bank(TM) series of modular uploads. To the left we have a BOB-400n, painted in crisp "AIDGIVER" white and sporting the brand new Zentomax Multipurpose Utalitarian Medicalpackage, complete with syringes, up to five different pharmaceuticals and even a laser scalpel and automatic bandaid dispenser! It is the Zentomax Vision(TM) to have every single household in both Northern and Southern states to be equipped with their own personal BOB-400, and soon we will introduce a range that we call I-BOB, with complete customization options for your Robots needs! Call your local retailer today and find out about the I-BOB. When it's gotta be robotic, it's gotta be ZENTOMAX (TM)"
- Zentomax Corporation advertisment blurb, pre-megadeath

About the figures:
The figures themselves represent a couple of menial / civilian robots for Wasteland Chronicles. They are produced by Corvus Belli and are part of their Infinity line of figures. Although not shown in this picture, they come up to around the hip of a normal 28mm figure, making them perfect for a more menial working robot.
They were painted in a rough and ready fashion, with a thinned wash, some drybrushing this time and in stark colours to indicate their civilian use. 

And for something new; here are their stats in regards to Wasteland Chronicles:

BOB-400n (Nurse)
Equipment: Medical Aid Dispenser, Mellow Out Dispenser

BOB-400t (Torch)
Equipment: Armour Plating (+1), Plasma Torch

In other news:
Work is pacing along with Wasteland Chronicles. I've rounded up a couple of playtesters through a forum post on The Miniatures Page and also over on the Post Apocalypse Wargames (which I fully recommend for discussing anything post apocalyptic) and I'm currently getting it all spruced up. I should still be able to reach my goal of releasing it early spring (March 1, to be exact) but it all depends on bits and pieces falling together (and real-life not intruding). 

So, if you're interested in playtesting the game, then give me a shout! Either by email ( or through the comments on this here blog. 

Right, that's it for today's update. See you all tomorrow for more post-apocalyptic mayhem! 

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