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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Whiteline Nightmares: The Chitterbug

The chitterbug is one of the largest predators to be found out in the wasteland. Standing nearly 3 meters tall when poised for an attack, this deadly crawler can lash out its four talon limbs with deadly accuracy and speed, severing limb by limb from the hapless victim in mere seconds. Leading scholars and scientists have reason to believe that the chitterbug is not ‘native’ of earth, as biological mark-up would indicate that it is indeed an insect of sorts, yet they do not lay eggs but instead give birth in a very grim fashion – where the newly developed, and apparently even more dangerous young – fights its way out of its parent, gorging and maiming its way out as a fully adult chitterbug. What triggers this “birth” is hard to say, as there has yet been any case of chitterbugs giving birth in captivity. Nor has any deaths of a captured chitterbug been noted...

About the Figure:
The miniature used to represent the dread chitterbug comes from Hydra Miniatures Primal Dawn line of figures, more specifically it's a Kithix Hunter

It was painted rather fast as I'm still behind scheduele for the big-game-athon for this weekend. So, this update will be very, very short. In fact, it's over!

Cheers, and thanks for looking!

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Captain Apathy said...

Nice. I especially like the eyes.