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Monday, January 05, 2009

Wasteland Chronicles: The Fernando 500 "Roadster"!

Hot off the painting table, here's just a tiny teaser of what I'm currently working on (apart from writing on Wasteland Chronicles) - The Fernando 500 "Roadster".

This particular model of the Fernando 500 has had several in the field upgrades by its owner; most notably the various bags and pouces needed for extended use in the field, suiting it's new role as a long range recon bike. It has been pressed into service by the Fort Baxtor Wasteland Expeditionary Force and serves alongside the 3rd Long Range Wasteland Patrol in their ongoing attempt to map and reestablish communication following their emergence from the underground facilities.

Most notably, there's an onboard computer for logging the movement of the bike, alongside with a highly advanced GPS(r) module and a portable music player, able to store up to 80 songs! The wide tyres makes it well equipped for tackling most of the wasted landscape. Able to cruise at a maximum speed of 200km/h under optimal conditions makes it equally suited for high speed pursuit, or retreat.

The model itself was a Games Workshop Space Marine Scout Bike, modified with various plastic bits I had lying about, painted very fast with a lotof block painting and then covered in the Devlan Mud wash from Games Workshop.

Currently, I'm working on the rider for this bike - as well as the rest of the 3rd Long Range Wasteland Patrol including their own Mobile HQ. Stay tuned!

(Oh, and merry christmas and happy new years to you all!)


Anonymous said...

the bike looks really good,.... except for the ginormaus seam rnning down the center of the fuel tank.

mold lines and seams are a pet peeve of mine.


Torben said...

You and me both; unfortunately I only noticed the seam down the center AFTER the wash. Hopefully the rider will make up for it.

- Torben

JMcL63 said...

Nice shots of this new GW space marine product T. So GW's space marine bikes make suitable post-holocaust hogs too? Who'd've thunk it?! :)

I've not picked up a paintbrush 'in anger' in several years now, but seam lines are a pet peeve of mine too. There's just no way those bike halves are going to give you a clean seam without some sort of filling work.

MY TIP: Liquid Plastic.
1. Find a wide-mouthed bottle of liquid glue, ideally one with it's own brush applicator.
2. Chop/shave some sprues as small as possible.
3. Let the sprues dissolve in the glue, et voila.

Liquid plastic is easier to apply than putty - although it's not quite as good a filler as putty; and it dries solid so that it can be cut and sanded - unlike green stuff. A few coats of this over those seam lines neatly gets rid of them. ;)

Thorbjørn said...

Hi Torben,

All I see is a space marine bike with some trappings on it.. I know you don't play 40k, but I think you should convert it a bit more to make it unique.. or do it if you do another (which you probably won't as that wouldn't be very unique either! :D)

Just my 50 øre.