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Monday, January 26, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland: Bunch o' Savages

I just recently finished up a small band of savages to add to my forces. Enclosed, along the pwetty pictures, is a small amount of background story for the gang, as well as their hideout in our, up and coming, narrative/map-based campaigngame.

Doc Hoodoo and his Misfits
Doc Hoodoo is a known mindblaster who for a long time had operated out of the "Tyler Turnpike", very near the glow crater. Rumour would have it that he was born not too far from the glow and this is supposedly how he gained his impressive psychic powers. He has not been a known character in the wasteland for very long, but the rumours of his powers extend are starting to preceed him and are making Don Machino of San Jerico rather nervous. The Misfits consists of those who have been thrown out of San Jerico for being just too strung out for that den of bandits and gangsters. The Tyler Turnpike is a very small conclave of mutants, down-on-their-luck scavengers and other outcasts of the greater Wasteland. Up until now, they have done little but engaged in very small raiding parties; but if the rumours of Doc Hoodoo are true, it is whispered that he will start a siege of San Jerico any time soon...
About the Figures:
The figures are mainly, well, a misfit of whatever Games Workshop figures I had lying around at the time, being on a small budget for the moment. 

They were painted in my usual wasteland style, with little to no highlights and heavy on the Devlan Mud wash from Games Workshop. I've got a whole slew of GW converts currently on the work bench and will attempt to update this blog as much as possible.

In other News:
Wasteland Chronicles is chugging along at a great pace. So far all the rules are done and I'm working on the layout part of the project. In addition, there's going to be a simple scenario generator, around 20 different beasts and roughly 10 archetypes for your gaming enjoyment. Also, as can probably be read in the above, we're engaging in a campaign version of Wasteland Chronicles and thus, rules are also being developed for a campaign expansion to the basic rules.

And finally: 
Last year I started this thread over on The Miniatures Page, regarding wether or not it would be bad form for me to start reviewing other games out there that could be used for gaming the post apocalypse. The discussion was heated but died out (naturally, it's over a month old by now) but I've finally come to a conclusion: I will review games, especially if they have some merit for gaming the Post Apocalypse

So there it is. It might be in bad form to some, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to stay as objective as the next man when it comes to reviewing other peoples games. And I'll even attempt to take a look at as many rule sets as possible (being a rule-junkie and all). Thus, I should be able to have my very first review up by Friday (possibly Thursday) of Combat Zone!

So stay tuned for another update tomorrow where a couple of Slagger Beasts are going to make their appearence right here on this blog, and for the review on Friday. Cheers!


tim said...

Wow! those are awesome!

Thorbjørn said...


I'm using some of the same parts for my savages. Unlike your space marine bike, these are much less archetype 40.000! Cudos to that.

But incidentally, should you ever be persuaded to game some 40k - you have some seriously nice uprising citizens too :D