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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Road Warrior: Why is it that...

... I always update this blog, come December? Perhaps because of all the jollyment of the season and the general need to ease down into a slightly different gear?

Oh well - I'll attempt (and where have we heard that before? ;)) to update this blog a bit more regulary in the coming year. Seeing as there's a surge of interest in Post Apocalyptic gaming, and with my own ruleset just around the corner.

Thus, as a treat, I present to you:

The Fall of Two Angels!

The second Wasteland Chronicles playtest session with pictures!

So, once again I and my companions found the time to give Wasteland Chronicles another whirl, and what a whirl it turned out to be.

This time, I had finished the "Archetype Generation" rules, which we used to create a couple of heroes - one each, who we rolled their stats for. This worked out okay-ish, but some tinkering is still required for it to work.

We found that shooting wasn't worth much, and that a certain rule - allowing a player to group up any of his units free of charge was a bit overpowering in the end. But other than that, everybody still had a good time - good and likeminded players definately help in that respect :)

And now, unto - the pictures!

Initial Setup

The village of Two Angels, one bright sunny morning. The morning shift was about to be replaced when suddenly they spotted movement along the road, and ruffling in the bushes. They had been expecting a trade caravan coming in, and having gathered all of their wares in the city centre were to be easy pickings for these would be ruffians. Could they hold out until the trade caravan appeared?

The Stalwart Defenders of Two Angels

Big Sven and Company

Lore Note: This was prior to Big Svens rise to fame as the mayor of Dust Falls, in his early raiding years. What actually transpired for him to leave his ways of looting and plundering has never been clarified as Big Sven refuses to talk about his "early years"

Greaseball's Raiders!

Storming the gates!

Game Technical Note: Here we see the effects of the ill-fated rule about grouping. Thorbjørns raiders could simply swarm all over the place and kill as they pleased, with very little in the way of reactions for any other players (mainly due to LOS and atrocious hit chances). Options that we discussed afterwards were to have a special Leader skill, or perhaps only something that allows smaller groups. Again, still tinkering.

The gangs start to turn on each other, seeing that the defenders of Two Angels have perished

Scenario Note: As always with three way games - once the original defender has been taken care of, the others will instantly turn on each other. Of course, being both raiders and with a high interest in the loot and low interest in sharing with two many; who could really blame them?

There weren't a whole lot of pictures taken during this fight. We followed it up afterwards with a simple snatch and grab game immediately afterwards, where we continued to test the rules. We found that it was a bit too heavy on the die-rolls, and I'm currently considering ways to improve this. Other than that, we all agreed that Wasteland Chronicles definately has potential and I'm already working on streamlining it for it's next outing. Stay tuned for updates!

Oh and there are other photos located here, for those who are interested: click here

Cheers all!

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JMcL63 said...

Oh my goodness! You actually updated this a year after your last post, and just a week or so after I'd happened upon this place and added it to the links on my own "Roll dice and kick ass!" Howdy Pho old mucker. ;)