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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland: The Nomad King

Among the nomads, those lonesome wanderers of the wasteland, there has always been myths, rumours, legends and hear-says about the Nomad King. His origins are shrouded in mystery, but he was the one who would unite the explorers of the Springdale Vault under a new banner - The Nomads.
Following the Megadeath War, the Springdale Vault was among the first to open its doors to the wasteland; and many of its people began to take to the life of a wanderer, aiding settlements and exploring the wasted west. It was a golden age of exploration and learning, and the Springdale Vault prospered. Yet, there were still those who had little but contempt for the outside world and demanded the Vault seals be close again, forever.
The wanderers had become outcasts; contaminated as they were in the eyes of the vault dwellers, and had been sentenced to death by exclusion from the richness of the vault. It was here that the Nomad King arose from the ranks of the many disaffected tribes of wanderers and started to teach them of the Wasteland, thought them the many skills of surviving and told them of his great secret to the new world.
This makes, to outsiders, the Nomads seem to be shrouded in a mystic veil as they are always referring to the plan of the Nomad King, and how he, in time, will deliver them from the wasted plains and in the end lead them to the promised land...
About the Figures:
The figures portraited here are all from Games Workshop. The Nomad King himself is an old Tallarn Lieutenant, whilst his two Nomad companions are from the Cawdor faction of Necromunda fame. They were painted in muted earth/desert colours to give this sense of being one with the wasteland; seekers of truth and knowledge of the path that will lead them to the promised land.

In my games of Wasteland Chronicles, I use them as "mystic" warrior types, who will aid anyone, provided that the Nomad think he is fighting for a right and just cause; a sort of opposite of the Guild of Silicium who also fight for just and right causes. The Nomad King will, unlike the Guild, have no quarrels about hiring on savages and psychics for his cause, as long as they accept his teachings of the path and the promised land.

So, I'm looking forward to scrounge up some more Cawdor figures for the Nomads. Also, I've considered getting my hand of some of Ironclad Miniatures - Sanwar Figures from their victorian science fiction line of figures; because apart from the weapons they fit the part just perfectly.

If anybody has any suggestions to figures in the 28mm range that would fit the Nomads, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Cheers, and look forward to the entry tomorrow on the Guild of Silicium's Huntsmen.


Thorbjørn said...

Those sanwar minis are just perfect! Damn they look nice! I have never seen them before - but HEY you gotta have them!

Looking forward to seeing the guilders tomorrow. Meanwhile I'll be hammering at my new ramshackle kits.

tim said...

I'm really enjoying following your blog. These Warriors of the Wasteland are GREAT! It's inspired me to dig out some of my own old Sci-fi figures and see what sort of units I could put together for some gritty near future skirmishing!

Torben said...

@Tim: Glad to hear it, and looking forward to see some posts of it on your blog! :)

@Thorbjørn: Yes, they're really great, aren't they? My only beef with them is their huge guns. Would've been nice if they had rifles/pistols instead. Guess I've gotta chop one up.

Oh and the Guilders will come to a blog near you... soon! ;)

Thorbjørn said...

Well - the big guns could perhaps be somewhat like a cannon firing shrapnel?

Torben said...

Sure, the guns as is can be used with no problems at all - I was just sorta hoping to get a bit more variation on the figures :)