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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Road Warrior: Another Update!

And this time, it even has pictures!

First off, I'd just like to say it's good to be back in business; and it's really great to be back in the Wasteland! Today I went on a shopping spree, buying various bits and ends for conversion jobs of vehicles and some new terrain to boot! Pictures, I hope, will be up by tomorrow or at the very least by the weekend.

I'm planning a small "How-To" article on how to transform your average 1:43 diecast car into a fearsome machine of destruction (as well as a couple of notes on how it would work in the Road Warriors supplement). So stay tuned for the article!

Furthermore, I've spent the better half of the day clearing up issues with the Road Warrior mod. A lot of corrections have been entered into this version, but I am making good progress on it. It shouldn't be long before I'm all done with Version 1.0 - but all in good time.

Oh, and I've finally worked my way around a "Let's just buy a gang and get it on" type of pickup games; which has - to some extend, inspired me into creating a more universal "Small Skirmish" Mod for No Limit. Which is probably fuelled by my recent victory in Call of Duty 4; a class game that!

And finally, I've had a good think over what to do about the specific gangs and I'm slowly settling on the Gang Trait idea for now. The idea is that each Gang would gain access to a benefit, as a whole, at the expense of something else. Work is still underway, and I've got a few kinks to work out.

Todays pictures are of some of the Old Crow vehicles that I purchased a looong time ago. The pictures were taken by a good friend of mine for a small article he was writing on his danish wargaming site.
They are, from top to bottom; a Provider Transport, a Rebel Light Transport, a Gecko Scout (Hatchback) and a Gecko Scout (Stationcar).
All of them very fine models, and a dream to paint up as well!



Target On My Back said...

Very good work on all those minis - especially the Old Crow Models. I have just started the detail work on a few of my own. Also, I have linked your page from Nov 2007 to my own blog.

Fábio Ribeiro de Castro said...

Hello, first time I saw I really liked their models. Although not so envovido with it, I was very inspired and decided to model one of these cars in 3D. Here's how it was in:

See you later!