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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Road Warrior: A long time in the Running!

Hi all!

Sooo... It's almost a year since the last update. And why is that exactly? To be frank, lack of interest on my part for a shortwhile, followed by dabblings in other areas, eras, scales and what have you. But I've never forgotten my true love and now I'm back to give it a shot once more.

Thus, it's time to get Road Warriors up to speed and into the big version One point oh! And to this I might require some help from all of those who have actually played the thing. As I'm looking at it now, almost a year later, I realize a whole lot of faults, flaws and general errata needed.

I'm also in the process of debating whether or not to include new gangs and what not, or simply devise some other method for creating your very own gangs - after all, I genereally like to have a lot of free-form in my games anyway :)

The following is what I'm expecting to do with the new version:
- Clean up the language (long overdue)
- Provide for a better layout; one that allows for easy browsing when gaming
- Create a couple of new vehicles for the game (notably tanks!)
- Create a couple of new Mercenaries to add a little spice to your gangs
- Clean up the scenarios.
- Devise a "Let's just grab some random points and make a game of it!" rules for quick pick up and play games.

However, and this is where my call to arms comes in, I am still contemplating whether or not to include some sample specific gangs; like Mutants, Lawmen, Scavengers and what have you - each of them with their own special rules. And possibly some new Territories, some new Trading Posts to visit and so on.

What are you, the players, ideas on this? Is it okay as it stands or does it really need armylists? I have been contemplating creating a setting world which will replace the normal and freeform gang rules (working title: Warriors of the Wasteland) and thereby circumvent this. But I keep on being undecided.

Post your thoughts or comments on this blog or shoot me an email for any other ideas that I have completely overlooked.

I promise to actually update this blog in the new year, hoping to add more details to my future post-apocalypse gaming; which I will dedicate the year 2008 for!

Happy gaming!

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