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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bartertown: Targeting Computers

After having read this article on the Future Highways website; I immediately became inspired for a lot of new goodies to be had for even more vehicular mayhem!

I kinda figure that the actual skirmish part of the rules are fine as they are; seeing as No Limits have all the rules really needed for skirmish gaming, I have therefore focused on bringing the vehicles to the front of the game. Oh, and expanding the possibilities for the campaigns as well. Most prominently by the use of the Gang Traits mentioned earlier. Such as the Savages trait which gives your gang members +1 ST and T, but decreases the various weapons that they can start out with - most notably because they are now forced to trade at the Savage Trading posts; with the occasional raid at the Civilised Trading Posts.

Anyway, enough ranting; here are the rules for using Targeting Computers on Vehicles!

Targeting Computers on Vehicles
Although no vehicle can start out with this equipment at the beginning of a campaign, then they can be purchased by visiting either the Civilised or the Vault trading posts; although it’s more likely that you’ll be able to get your hands on one at the Vault rather than out in the wastes.

A Targeting Computer may be added to a single mounted weapon onboard a vehicle, regardless of the weapons type or mounting. Once mounted, the Targeting Computer substitutes any gunner present. There is a manual override in case you want a gunner to fire the weapon on its own accord. In this case, then the rules for firing the weapon are worked out normally.

A Targeting Computer is rated as follows:
• Basic; RA: 2
• Advanced; RA: 3
• Complex; RA: 4

Whenever a vehicle is activated, then the Targeting Computer is allowed to fire its weapon at a target within the weapons reach, using the above Ranged Attack value for the attack.

It is important to note that you may fire all weapons, hooked up with a Targeting Computer, during the vehicles activation. This means that the driver – or maybe even a gunner – is free to do whatever they want to do; like shooting their own weapon, driving or trying to recover from pinning.

Do note that the Targeting Computer will keep on working and will keep on firing even if the vehicle is immobilized and abandoned during the game.

Any level of Targeting Computer takes up 1 Space on any given vehicle.

Pricetag, for one-off games, are 200 for Basic, 400 for Advanced and 600 for Complex.

Ideas and comments are, as always, more than welcome.

Happy Gaming!

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