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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Road Warrior: The first PAPA has been converted and painted!

This is going to be a very short update in which I will show off my newest paintjob; the PAPA (Post Apocalypse Power Amour). And I also managed to take a few snap shots of some of my favourite Veterans of the MegaDeath/Partisans/Scavengers from Copplestone figures as well. I might just have to purchase another pack and paint them in more desert friendly fatigues than these. Anyway, pictures for your enjoyment:

First off, here's the gang of Scavengers from Copplestone Castings. I really, really like these figures. Together with Kevin White, Coppleston really aces as one of my favourite sculptors out there. A sad shame that he's slowly neglecting the Future Wars range in favour of his WW1 projects.

This little critter started life as one of the new style Tau Stealthsuits from Games Workshop, and was heavily modified by various bits from my scrapheap.

The prominent features is the bolted on, and very crude, massive blade attached to the left arm; the "targeting computer" added on the chaingun on the right arm; a gastank on the backpack and finally the Riot shield on the other side of the backpack. I hope that the idea of this Veteran of the MegaDeath is prominent through the various bits the pilot has bolted on to his machine.

It even gave me the idea of creating some sort of 'Desert Rat' unit for use in more normal games of No Limits or perhaps Fast and Dirty. Or perhaps just as a lost company of T'au units, short on supplies and with no way to retreat.

The armor itself is plastered with small scrapes and various slogans that the pilot has painted on. I had considered adding some sort of tribal warpaint to the machine, but I figured that since it wasn't that heavily converted that it'd be better to just give a sense of an old vet who has spent too much time on his own out in the Wastelands.

Progress Report from the Desk of The Road Warrior
Progress is definately going someplaces here. Last night I took one long haul of the updating process, smoothing many of the quirks along the way and in general the ruleset went from 27 pages to 35 pages. And I'm still not entirely done yet.

Version 1.0 is going to have a whole lot of layout added, making it a whole lot easier to refer to during the game, and some of the new stuff added will have a tremendous impact on the campaign game. Thus, here are what has been changed and will be changed:

Vehicle Rules
The vehicle rules have gotten a long due overhaul, clearing up some errors and should hopefully be a whole lot more clear now. There's even going to be further additional modules because of this (most prominently I've had plans for making a new version of the Car Wars/Axle & Alloys/Dark Future-genre).

Pre and Post Game Phases
The actual campaign modules have now also gotten an overhaul. This means that there should be less confusion as to when things are done, what you can do and so on during the various stages of a campaign. This has also meant an overhaul of the following:

Income and Territories
I've finally put an old dog to rest, so to say, in that I've scrapped the old table that showed how many caps you earned if you were X gangers. Now instead, each ganger - including mercenaries - will have a fixed upkeep. Normal humans will now have an upkeep of 5 caps to be paid at the end of the game; vehicles will cost 1 cap per Space to represent general maintenance, and the various mercenaries will have varying upkeeps, depending on their skills.

Once this is paid for, then the leftover Caps can be used to purchase new equipment for the gang; and this has also been changed as well!

Going to Bartertown
Now gangers will be able to go and look for items within a specific area. Mostly this will be: Ranged Weapons, Close Combat Weapons, Vehicles, Equipment, Vehicle Equipment and Random Events. The Random Events part are added to provide some flavour to the campaign and can either give you access to Drugs, partake in gambling or a possible case of the stomach flu. The idea behind all of this is that you assign a unit, who wasn't taken out during the game, and sent him to one of the tables, allowing him to roll a single roll on the various trade charts. The leader will have 1d3 rolls on any number of tables of his choice.

The idea behind this was to retain some of the randomness from Necromunda, but without making it all too random. Even though this is Post Apocalypse, then nothing's to say that you won't be able to be on the lookout for something specific. Or that some traders might start specializing in specific areas of merchandice. Also, it means that a lot of new equipment can be added to the campaign as well.

In conclusion:
I'm hoping that Road Warriors ver 1.0 will be out within two weeks, as an early Christmas Present. I'm working at double time because the good folks down at Avalon are wanting to start up a campaign, and I want to play the new and improved version rather than the old version.

Random Ideas
The idea also stuck to me, because I just bought Kelly's Heroes that Road Warriors could actually work for a similar campaign module, set during the Second World War. Of course, this is just idle musing right now from an overworked brain.

Happy Gaming!

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