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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Road Warrior: About This Blog

Or "What the hell does the title mean?"

Well, as the last post stated, then this Blog is primarily about Our Road Warriors campaign in Avalon ( where we're just gearing up for a campaign to test the Road Warriors Mod and see if there should be made any changes for the final 1.0 Version. We're even debating wether the mod should be renamed into "City Limits" to show the games heritage to No Limits. But for now, it's split down the middle, although I'm starting to rather like that name.

Anyway, enough about this - that'll be a post unto itself. You see, this post is to explain the posts on this blog, or rather, what each post is all about. To this end, I've divided all of the future posts into the following sections:

The Road Warrior - This section covers my own personal rants, musings and what not. This section will have fresh articles whenever I have something personal to say; something nice to say and, hopefully not too often, something to rant about. This section also covers the general history of the blog and might venture into other areas not associated with PA.

Warriors of the Wasteland - This section will cover all aspects of gang creation as well as gang ideas and possible highlights and spotlights on gangs from around the world. Each article will have a short backstory of the given gang, some future ideas, some pictures, and if they become notorious enough then it will also feature those gangers who have crawled their way from the Newb bottom to the Legendary Top.

Bartertown - This section will cover any new ideas which will, eventually, be implemented into a new version of the rules. This section will cover all those purchasing options that I completely missed in the current version of the Mod, and will allow for players to utilize these new ideas before they're put into the final version. Some items will, of course, be up for international playtesting before they are implemented into Road Warriors.

Whiteline Nightmares - This section is reserved for those players who want a little more bite out of their games. The idea is to cover the options for setting up a narrative campaign, with a GM who launches new and weird scenarios and ideas to the campaign - akin to the Arbitrator campaign system mentioned in Necromunda: Outlanders. This section will be full of GM tools such as Zombies, Road Blocks, Law & Order and a whole lot more.

The Day After - My vision for this section is to invent some sort of "official" fluff for Road Warriors. Although, I will never enforce any such use of fluff on any game out there but it is always nice to have some sort of framework to expand on. It's an entirely optional setting, but it might add a lot of flavor to your games - or help you create your own setting.

Land Scraping - A very basic article, explaining the various types of terrain out there and possible rules for the bits and pieces of terrain that I, the companies or others conjure up. It will also serve as a tutorial to add that Post Apocalyptic feeling to your gameboard.

Vault Dwellers Delight - A complete review section of all things Post Apocalyptic. Ranging from games, to books, to films and even possible choices for soundtracks or simply just music with some sort of post apocalypse feel; it's all gonna be reviewed here. Suggestions are more than welcome for reviews. Already I have a huge line up of EM4's figures as well as Urban Mammoth Figures planned for review.

Road to Avalon - And finally, this section will cover our weekly games down in Avalon. Here I'll post news from the games, gangs and the general going ons for our campaign. The section will be further broken down into various new areas such as "Battle Reports", "Avalon Weekly" a small newspaper for the campaign and whatever strikes the campaigns fancy.

So, with this lengthy introduction I hope you feel safe to check out the blog, and hopefully bookmark it for future use. As soon as I've figured out the whole labels thing, then I'll have everything properly archived on this blog for easy reference.

In addition, it's my hope to have this blog updated at least once per week, and if the tough gets going then my plans are for it to be daily updated, all subject to the whims of real life.

Happy Gaming!

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Vault Dwellers Delight - A complete review section of all things Post Apocalyptic.

you should have a look at Darkwind - post apocalyptic car wars online....

It rocks, and you might like it!