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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Road Warrior...

...He Lives now, only in my memories

And thus, I would like to start out this new blog, dedicated to Post Apocalypse Wargaming of all kinds.

Primarily the focus for this blog will be to tell tall tales of our on going campaign of "Road Warriors", a modification to the No Limits rules. But this doesn't mean that it'll be the sole purpose of this blog.

For a long time I've looked around the web for Post Apocalypse gaming sites, and I've found that although there were a lot of good ones, most of them weren't regulary updated, and some of them promoted only a single game of their choice.
This blog will be updated once a week at the very least, roughly on tuesdays with a lot of new ideas for Post Apocalypse gaming, some fiction, hopefully pictures and then reviews of figures as well as games.

So, I hope you'll tag along on the whiteline nightmare of a possible future with the whole world down the drains.

/Torben aka. Phoenikuz

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