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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bartertown: Shields

This first post to the Barterdown section deals with a favored old piece of equipment; shields. Whether made from carbon-dura-alloy or a simple grabagecan lid; the shield will provide the same amount of protection to the ganger in question.

Pricetag: 15 Caps
A unit using a Shield gains +1 AR against all attacks from his front arc. This is in addition to any other Armour that he's currently wearing with the exception being the Combat Armour. Essentially, a unit with Pad Armor and Shield would therefore count his AR as 3.

A unit wearing a shield cannot use any two-handed weapons. This includes all Rifles and Special weapons with the exception of the Sawed-Off-Shotgun and the Web-Gun. Furthermore, a Shield counts as a pistol when figuring out how much a unit may carry.

This little item was added when Bjarne wanted to play his old VOID Junkers as a small gang of Roman Reinactors gone bad. They all had shields and shotguns, so we had to devise rules for the use of shields. Thus, I present these rules for adding shields to your games of Road Warriors.

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