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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Road Warrior: Road Warriors or City Limits?

Today, following our first game with the new Oh-Nine rules of Road Warriors, there were slight mumbles around the club. People were starting to talk about whether or not 'Road Warriors' was that much of a title - especially since I found out, and pointed out to the others, that 'Road Warriors' was a name already used by others.

So now the talk is on; should it be renamed City Limits for the Big-One-Oh, or should it remain as Road Warriors?

Personally, I'm inclined to rename it as City Limits, because it somewhat fits my idea of the background for the game (which I will scetch out ASAP) and that it also shows it's No Limits heritage in the title. Which could be expanded upon for future MOD's that I might conjures up (Already working on a WW2 version - if it takes off, it'll recieve a small section on it's own right here).

In other news, I finally got around to restyle my blog and finally got around to write a whole lot; at least a whole lot more than I did with my first blog (which has now been erased - no need to look for it).

And hopefully, there should be some pictures to share of a recent game any day now. In addition Chris over at Wargames Unlimited has promised to dedicate a section of the No Limits website for my MOD all by itself! This will be the future place to download the Oh-Nine version, as well as the future Big-One-Oh which should feature layout, improved grammar, new stuff and a whole lot more. It's expected that I'll compile around 6 months from now, although this may change at the whims of Real Life.

Enough for now, ideas are brewing and must be written down - till then;

Happy Gaming!

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