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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Road Warrior: It is here! It is finally here!

The new version is finally complete! And it can be downloaded from the link below:

Road Warriors V. 1.0!
(Just right click the link and select "Save As")

That's right, I finally completed all of the text in the main document. An updated layout is well underway, with snazzy pictures and definately something that's going to chew up your printer something fierce! So I figured, why not just upload this preliminary printer-friendly version for all those who are interested in playing gang skirmishes in the wasteland!

In other news
Well, other projects have slowly resurfaced, and some of those corresponds directly to this project. The proposed idea, by yours truly, about adding gang traits to the Road Warriors mod was vetoed by myself - and play balance. See, it's fine and dandy if every player picks a Gang Trait, but doesn't allow for the same kind of freeform gang creation as the normal rules.

This has meant that I've now split up the project and I'm going to focus on creating a - uhm - sub-mod I guess, for Road Warriors called: Road Warriors: City Limits.

The Idea for City Limits is to write up some of the fluff I posted earlier, add the gangs that I was going to create by the Gang Traits; thereby giving them even more colour than they would have gotten if they had stayed as gang traits. And finally, for a dash of variety, there's going to be new scenarios in the rules as well.

In essence, then it's a setting-booklet for the Road Warriors mod.

That's all for now, till next update:
Cheers, and happy gaming!

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