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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Road Warrior: Small update

Although I promised to keep the updates down for today, I just can't seem to help myself writing stuff for this blog. Therefore, I've got a couple of pictures to show of the game I mentioned between a gang of Scavengers against my Renegade Vaulties. Photo credit goes out to Henrik, and he did a smashing job! But see for yourself:

Desert Rattlers on the prowl
Here we have my gang, made up of some Delaque gangers from Games Workshop excellent game Necromunda (which prompts an article at some point). They hired a Mercenary for this fight, but it did them no good - the Friendly Doc's joint got sabotaged by the evil meddling Office Block 88 Scavengers! I promise a feature on the Office Block 88 Scavengers as soon as pictures are taken - suffice to say, the figures are from the most excellent near future range from eM-4 Miniatures.

Scavengers hiding out for an opputine moment to strike
Two Scavengers from the Office Block 88 are hiding out in the ruins and waiting for my Vaulties to venture out in the killing field.

The Leader; Two-Gun King Python and Cottonmouth slowly sneaking out from the ruins
Most of the gang moving out
Here you have the rest of my current gang. Of course, being a complete nutter that I am, I can't help but to create even more gangs! Watch this space for future gangs!

In other news, I sent off the pictures for Chris so that the dedicated hosting area for Roadwarriors Oh-Nine should go live at any moment. This prompts the first official launch of Oh-Nine which is the current version of Road Warriors available for download on the web.
The current version available is the old Oh-Eight version, which is basically less prooftested and, as far as I recall, should be without the vehicle rules and has some other flaws. But don't worry, I'll make sure you won't miss out on the release of the Oh-Nine.

But work has already begun on the Big One-Oh! I'm currently working with Bjarne on ideas for the layout, scrouning the web for pictures and compiling all the ideas garned from the games down in Avalon. It won't be signifigant changes, only to add more flavour to the rules. And then there's that Super-Science-World-War-II Mod as well (Title pending).
Seems like I've got next years work cut out for me.

In addition, I've now opened up the comment section for everybody! Be sure to leave a comment on the articles if they were useful to you, it makes it all the more worthwhile creating and writing this stuff :)

Happy Gaming!


Mark said...

Nice images. Shame that you have squeezed them down in display size without compressing them. Those of us with copper connections don't really enjoy having to load big pictures on a home page.

Better to have a compressed version on the main pages. You can link that through to the bigger ones with a click, if you think that is necessary.

Torben said...

I will keep that in mind for the future. Still trying to get used to the blogspot system - and need to find an easy way to make thumbnails.

Mark said...

Microsoft have a picture editor which they hardly ever advertise but which is really good at compressing JPGs (though there is naturally some distortion involved). Excellent for making pictures both small and of uniform size.

Poke around on a Windows disc and you should find it.