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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Land Scraping: Spotlight on Monolith Designs

Whilst fixing my links, and looking through my bookmarks, I stumbled upon this very interesting shop:
Monolith Designs, UK

In particular I found that the modern day terrain seems like a very good steal, especially these here Spaceport Domiciles:
Small Spaceport Domicile OR a Renegade Vaulties new home?
It would not be a far stretch to assume that these buildings could be constructed by very basic means and would definately add some flavor to Renegade societies, small ungated cities and the likes - all in all, perfect for the desert feel of the Wasteland. I blame Fallout's Vault-City for these ideas!

However, I also really liked these here brick ruins:
Three Walls
Double Corner
They are just perfect for my vision of the blasted landscape that would remain in most built up areas. Or they could be perfect for NoGo areas of the remaining Civ's PZ's (after all, the Law can't be everywhere all the time), just waiting for a clean-up.

In addition, Monolith Designs also produce a line of Adobe buildings which look mighty interesting as well;
25mm Adobe Building
as well as this Hummer (and admit it, your gang is in desperate need of a hummer!):
HMMV - THE choice of wheels in the Wastelands
It would seem that there are many other vehicles in this range however, since there are no pictures, then it's hard to see whether or not they fit my general idea for the post apocalypse. Looks like I'll just have to purchase some and take a few snapshots for this here blog!
As you'll also note, then there's a couple of neat little bins and skips in that range as well:
In the future, recycling makes the world go round

And finally, who can resist a company who let's you purchase this:
In strange aeons, even Death may become a statue for worship...
I'd rather like to build up a small Civ enclave, where everyone and their brother have fallen to the lure of the one and truly dark god.

As soon as these holidays are over, I'll purchase a good selection of these here terrain bits and post a Vault Dwellers Delight on the items I purchased. Most notably to see if the Hummer as well as the terrain stands up well to my collection of 28mm Scavengers, Nomads and assorted denziens of the Wasteland. Till then.

Happy Gaming!

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